Get up to $325 in Sprint service credits by bringing over a Pixel phone

According to an email by Sprint, you can bring over an unlocked Google Pixel to the carrier and get up to $325 in service credits as soon as you activate your device. It means that it will cut down the price of a new Google Pixel XL to $445 if you stick with Sprint for complete 2 years.

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In order to benefit from this deal, you need to visit any Sprint store to get a SIM card for your phone and activate it. Then you will get up to $13.55 a month in service credits for up to 2 years that brings your savings to up to $325.

However, note that there’s a difference between bringing the Pixel and the Pixel XL. According to a tipster for Android Police that a Sprint rep informed them they’ll get $10 a month for the standard Pixel and $13.55 for the XL phone. It makes to $240 in service credits for the Pixel and get up to $325 for the XL. So you have to keep your account in good standing in both cases. 

However, in case you wish to benefit from this offer, you have to act fast. According to the fine print notes, this deal would last by December 31st. You may need to bug a rep for the deal in case you didn’t receive the email that may work or not as you wish considering on what your rep is familiar with. Below is the screenshot of the full email: