Alphabet to sell Terra Bella satellite division

Attained in 2014 and rebranded in 2016, Alphabet is supposedly selling off its Terra Bella satellite firm. Primarily directed at providing latest imagery for disaster relief and web service, Alphabet is still trying to close its expensive ventures.

Skybox Imaging was attained 3 years ago to the tune of $500 million and worked under the Google Maps section. Their primarily area of focus included mini fridge-sized satellites that used off-the-shelf electronics to attain reduction in terms of size and cost.

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The satellites would take numerous images of a specific area and sew them with each other on the ground to produce a higher-resolution image. Google anticipated that latest satellite imagery would be mostly advantageous during natural disasters. It will also prove to be wonderful for  monitoring climate change.

Besides, additional usages were rather commercial such as tracking cargo at ports and cars in parking lots to have an idea of the sales. Google stated that the satellites would be used to extend internet access to various parts of the world at the time of acquisition. This sale aids as mark of Alphabet’s waning web connectivity aims, with Fiber particularly pausing US distribution in October. But the firm still has Project Loon to deliver internet by means of balloons and Project SkyBender offering 5G connectivity through solar-powered drones.

According to reports, a satellite imaging startup Planet may acquire Terra Bella, with few workers shifting to the new firm and others being reassigned to parts of Google. The sale would result in Alphabet getting share in the startup.