Update: Google app’s ‘Recent’ feature

The Google app on Android has been testing a ‘Recent’ section for some time now in order to provide a visual interface to browse through prior searches. This feature is now live and available to tons of users. It is accessible from the navigation drawer of the Google app as the first entry. Users are greeted with a tutorial on first launch, which they can access in the future from the overflow menu. This feature is basically meant to help users “Rediscover topics you looked for in the Google app recently.”

The interface makes lot of use of card stacks to group together searches that are linked and gestures such as pinching and swiping. When you tap or pinch on a stack you will be presented with large screenshots which are visible side-by-side.

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Stacks will display screenshots of sites that you have clicked through and different search tabs of the Google app that you’ve have been through as part of a search. Tapping on any card will open that website or part of the Google app directly. Stacks and cards are organized chronologically with a timeline in each interface.

It is possible to remove individual entries by a swipe up gesture. This only deletes the card and not the search from your browsing history. This section is device specific and does not sync across signed in devices. Besides, it can be disabled completely by going to Settings > Account & privacy > Enable Recent.

On the whole, it is a positive addition that is very user friendly and simple compared to sifting through Chrome’s history list or taking screenshots to remember past searches constantly.