LG Announcement: 40,000 LG G6 pre-orders in 4 days!

What LG has done with LG G6 is highly impressive. The bezel-light flagship brings a lot of striking aspects to LG’s primary lineup. Without doubt there is strong interest in the device. LG has just announced that there have been 40,000 pre-orders already for this fantastic device LG G6 which is wonderful for sure.

As many as 40,000 pre-orders for LG G6 is great number for early pre-sales. However, it’s even more remarkable as we got this number in as little as 4 days! LG doesn’t confirm it, but this is seemingly sales in the firm’s home region of Korea considering pre-orders have not opened in the US or other parts of the world. The company has confirmed a release date of March 10th for the device in Korea at a price point of 899,800 won, or $779 USD.

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When new flagships make their way to market, firms generally tend to forget the phones they made previously. But it seems that LG isn’t giving up on its older phones at least for now. Its shown great support for the LG G5, and now it’s offering the same support to the LG G4 and the LG V10, which are both from 2015.

LG stated that it would be updating the LG G4 and LG V10 to Android Nougat following customer backlash it got for planning not to push that update. It’s wonderful to see LG push Google’s latest software to these older phones particularly as it brings a new, cleaner UI.

It seems that LG is planning to push this update in the second half of the year for the LG V10, and during the third quarter for the G4. But that program is meant for Korea alone so we don’t know yet if devices in other regions will be updated or by what time.