Google’s ‘What’s New’ video shows new Android O dev features

Released last week, the O Developer Preview aims to get apps ready for the next version of Android. Google has just released a video that shows what’s new in Android O for developers. It highlights the main alterations aimed at refining privacy, device performance, notifications etc. 

Google is commanding firmer background execution limits for apps that target Android O in order to advance battery life and interactivity. Background services will just run for a short time after it is no longer visible or has a foreground task.

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For the moment, even apps that are not optimized for Android O will see performance and privacy modifications. When it enters cache state, wake locks will be released, but location updates will be restricted to a few times per hour. To make privacy better, apps need to use a new permission, with owners being able to specify if accounts are visible to other apps.

Developers targeting Android O need to implement Channels to develop the dialogue of notifications. Or else, notifications from that app will not show. Users have fine controls over every category such as the change importance, changing the ability to block, lights, vibration, and lockscreen privacy.

Devices don’t have to mirror their display any more when presenting on another screen with Multi Display support. In its place activities can launch on a secondary display, with per-display settings and configurations like when sharing a presentation, the device’s screen may display another interface like controls or notes.

Source: Android Developers