A better look at Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and LG’s G6

The Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as the LG G6 are soon to hit the shelves. Recently, some new images of the devices have leaked, helping us have a deeper look at cases for both.

The LG G6 is expected to make its way to the market by the end of February in Barcelona. We have already come to see its curves some time back, but some Ringke and Spigen cases are offering yet another broad tour of its design. The round-shaped nature of the weird 18:9 display is the first thing that is worth noticing. While we are still not sure if LG is only trying to summon customers’ fanciness with a fairly stylish choice or if there is a real reason to it, keeping in view its curvy aesthetics on the whole we will not be mad to find out it’s the former.

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The back is heavily dependent on its predecessor’s design. It supports a dual camera setup which is placed atop the circular fingerprint reader horizontally. Though the first image rather made it look slim, these renders show a device that goes a little on the thicker side. But it will imply that LG is being lavish with battery size. The headphone jack is still welcome. Like the way it is, for what we know, on Samsung‘s upcoming high-end product, which has a completely different set of design issues. A small set, but a tricky one for sure.

For all the engineering expertise the other big Korean firm is ready to present when the Galaxy S8 launches in April as expected. It’s hard to understand why they have placed a fingerprint reader close to the camera, as the apparently official cases imagined in the shots got by Italian publication HD Blog appear to verify.

If we hadn’t seen renders and come to know that the surface close to the camera is surely the place where the scanner will be placed, we would believe that it had to do with some sort of mad sensor or secondary camera. However, that is not the case.