Summarize Youtube Videos with Claude.AI

Posted on: 07/29/2023

The new release of looks amazing and with 100K token limit for free users makes it ideal to summarize long youtube videos. While you can copy/paste you transcript to summarize it, we have built this great looking and working browser extension to summarize youtube videos for you with ease.

Youtube Transcript AI Summary

Install above extension and go to the youtube video which you want to summarize. Click down-arrow button, this will get the transcript from youtube video if available.

After a second or two you will see the transcript and more buttons to do some magic on the transcript. The arrow in following image points to ‘Summarize with’ button. By clicking this, this will open website and start the summarization process.

Transcript of the video will be auto filled.
You didn’t have to click anything, extension will do the button clicking stuff.