More Samsung Galaxy S Leaks

We are now just a week away from the much awaited release of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Before we can actually experience this wonderful device let us learn something more about it. We have got plenty of leaks about Samsung Galaxy S8 so far, but this one is without doubt the best. 

Evan Blass’ renders possibly make design fans drivel, however some real-life shots will likely be more luring to some and images from all over the internet are being posted. Other than an even closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S8, the good part is that some of these shots give us little information.

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A shot verifies that the bigger device will sport the “plus” moniker, though with the “+” symbol than the word. The shades that appears to be like the “orchid grey” variant, picks up the light well and gives the back of the phone an almost purple-y tint. The bump of the camera looks even smaller compared to it was on the Galaxy S7 phones.

The home button is seen as ready to be tapped even when the display kicks in. however, a second shot gives us details about the resolution of the device. The panel the company is using on the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes in at 2960×1440 that can be scaled down to a Full HD-ish 2220×1080 and at1480×720 by choice. It implies that the extra-tall S8 brothers go further compared to the LG G6‘s 18:9 (2:1) aspect ratio, reaching an stranger18.5:9.

We have not got to know software leaks that would give us an idea about why Samsung wanted such wide displays besides fitting in the 5.8- and 6.2-inches screens in chassis unevenly as big as their forerunners. However, you will get much content on them certainly.