Kids can now control their creations from an Android phone/tablet as LittleBits adds Bluetooth LE

LittleBits, the makers of kid’s electronics, has been using an Android app to enable children make their own devices. Now, the company has added a new module. The addition of a Bluetooth LE module implies that kids that now directly use their creations using their smartphone or tablet as a remote. Sounds like fun? Yes, it is!

Highly impressive edition 

It was back in 2014 that LittleBits launched its kits for kids with technical bent of mind. Just recently, the firm started offering a smarthome kit. We have been fortunate to get hold of the pre-production version of the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit 2nd edition having 2 Bluetooth bits. It was indeed impressive.

LittleBits adds Bluetooth LE module 

Multiple features 

Interestingly, the bits work with recent Little Bits kits. In addition to enabling the kids control the Little Bits, it also includes other device sensors such as the camera or accelerometers and gyros into their designs.


You can get LittleBits kit for $200 from the company’s Amazon store.