Is Twitter is shutting down its Vine mobile apps?

We know it for a fact that Twitter has been struggling for some time. But, as it appears, now the company might work towards explanation according to the latest news we have got in addition to its quarterly earnings report today. The company announced that it is to lay off almost 9% of its employees. Twitter also announced that its Vine mobile app will be shut down in near future. 

Vine has been there since 2013, making countless people laugh at loops and benefit from creativity at its best. Twitter expressed that while it is going to shut the app but that is not happening right now. As the company values its customers and their Vines, it is going the right path. The website will be there perhaps for a while after the apps are closed.  However, creators will have the power to download their Vines, says Twitter.

Some of the prominent Vine stars are suggesting that the flow of their content will continue via Google-owned YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. There isn’t much to worry as Twitter has promised to notify the users before making any changes to its website or app.