Google Translate 5.8 Update

Google has recently updated its Google Translate 5.8, providing easy-to-access definitions for translated words, some new strings referencing China, a quick account switcher like that is there in most of Google’s other first-party Android apps, and bug fixes.

The most striking new feature is the new definitions section on the “Home” translate page. With Google Translate version 5.8, it is possible to translate a word, and a new “Definitions” section shows down the page under the usual “Alternate translations” section.

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The feature appears very limited for example, for instance, translating the word “caballero” from Spanish to English will translate to “gentleman” rightly and offer definitions for that word. However, in case you translate “el caballero”, you will just get the direct translation, not any other information. The definitions are available in the source language. It means that if you translate from Spanish to English, you will get the definitions in Spanish.

At the moment, most Google apps have a quick account switcher. However, until now, Google Translate was one of those few that didn’t. You can open the hamburger menu and change accounts in Google Translate 5.8, as you would in apps such as Google+ or Gmail.

The advantage of this is that you can switch between your Translate data with ease separated across a number of accounts, like personal and Google Apps work accounts. Google Translate offer few features which are more intricate than only straight translations. With one tap, now you can switch between your different sets of data. 

There are some exciting news about China as well. However, for now, we’re not sure what they imply. Other than that, it’s easy to assume that this app offers the general bug fixes that pretty much every app update has. If you are interested you can get Google Translate 5.8 o