Google Photos Android app now has range of new AI-powered features

Google photos app has recently got some great updates. Ranging from resurfacing old memories to fixing sideways pictures, now it makes use of AI technology to add new features that are available on the Android app and iOS app as well as on the web.

Auto detection of sideways photos

Sometimes your phone is not really able to determine if you are holding the camera vertically or horizontally. But bow Google Photos app can automatically detect photos which seem to be sideways. Google Photos app will now offer you to fix all such images. The other features focus on highlighting memories and share special moments with your family and friends.

Enhancement of facial recognition feature 

According to Google, the company has taken the app’s facial recognition features to the next level. Now when the app recognizes somebody in a new photo, it will find older photos of the same person and make a highlight card. If you take many pictures of the same person, it will also make ‘recent highlights’ card.

Improvement in auto-animation photo feature 

Additionally, the auto-animation photo feature has also been updated. It now extends to videos. Google Photos app search for segments having activities, and seeks to automatically make a short looped GIF that makes sharing effortless.

Share memories with loved ones with a single tap

You can download Google Photos from the Play Store free and enjoy free unlimited backup of all photos and 1080p HD video. So now you can share photos with friends and family much more easily than you could do in the past. Thanks Google!