Google once again named world’s best company to work for in Fortune 100 ranking

Google has been named the world’s best firm to work for by a Fortune 100 ranking for the 6th year running. It’s the 8th time in 11 time in years that the Mountain View Company has taken the number one position.

The $75 billion tech titan is famous for luxe perks like free gourmet food, haircuts, and laundry services, of course. But it also takes a rigorous analytical approach to morale. It boosted its parental-leave policies, for example, after finding that mothers were leaving at higher rates—the result was a 50% reduction in attrition for working moms. And then there’s the culture: Town halls held by black Googlers and allies, support for transgender workers, and unconscious-bias workshops (already attended by more than 70% of staff) help foster what employees say is a “safe and inclusive” workplace at this hive of high performers .

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The full ranking enables you to sort firms by factors like perks, compensation, and time off.

The ranking is largely based on anonymously surveying over 230,000 workers, who are asked to rate their firms stuff like relationships with peers, leadership quality, and support for their personal and professional objectives. However, it factors in the outcomes of management questionnaires sent to each firm to study a variety of things. 

Great Place to Work scores a Culture Audit management questionnaire from each company, which reports details such as compensation and benefits, hiring practices, recognition, training, and diversity programs.

Fortune expressed that there was a strong association between being a great place to work and a firm’s business accomplishment. Interestingly, Apple doesn’t come in the top 100 ranking.

Over the years our research and consulting firm, Great Place to Work, and many other scholars have consistently found that the good guys finish first in profitability, revenue growth, stock performance, and other key business measures.
Perkins Coie, law firm topped the compensation list, Genentech, biotech firm offered the best perks and Workday, HR tech company, offered the most time off.