The Samsung Galaxy S8 is just about a week away from its launch. Yes, fans are super excited and having lofty expectations from this much waited phone from the tech giant. Thanks to its countless leaks that have created such hype around the device. We have got to know much about the phone as well as its larger brother, the Samsung Galaxy S8+. But, there are few things that are still in the dark. Pricing is without doubt one such thing that we are still not aware of. But today, we have got to know that as well.

Pricing for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will range around 799€ at least in European regions ($850). That’s a jump of around 00€ compared to Galaxy S7 that as released in 2016. But before you get much upset keep in mind that these prices don’t always convert straight. In fact, we may see the Samsung Galaxy S8 priced around $750 in the US, after the same price jump in Europe. 

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Other than that, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ will be priced at a premium of 100€ at 899€ ($966 USD). We have also learnt about accessory pricing for the devices. The new Gear VR will be priced at 129€ ($138 USD) and the new Gear 360 camera will land at 229€ ($246).  DeX docking station for the S8 will run €150 ($161 USD). All these pricings are for European regions and we don’t expect it directly convert in the US.

In addition to the pricing, we have also got to know about the renders of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in 3  colors. These include Black Sky, Orchid Grey, and Arctic Silver. Though we cannot really see the color at the back of the devices showing off these colors, it’s evident that Samsung is keeping the front panel on all models black that would hide a number of sensors on the device.

Interestingly, some hands-on images have also leaked that show the Samsung Galaxy S8 in an extraordinary purple color. The new shade looks very nice and shows how the firm is experimenting and coming up with new stuff to introduce positive changes to its family