AirPods are hitting retail stores now

Apple’s all wireless AirPods are making their way to the hands of customers and retail stores around the world including Australia and New Zealand. These wonderful devices first went on-sale through Apple’s online store few days back but shipping started to slip fast. But customers who placed their orders early are getting their shipments now.

Early buyers in Australia and New Zealand are now receiving their AirPods. It was December 19th that was the earliest date for the product to arrive. It was chiefly assigned to international customers, like those in New Zealand and Australia.

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Those who missed the short online availability of the device have reported being able to walk into Apple Stores in Australia and New Zealand and buy it. A week ago, Apple that stores would receive shipments on a regular basis of AirPods starting this week. We have got to know now that the Monday date that was rumored is actually authentic.

A user reported that there were a number of people outside of an Apple Store (Brisbane). Particularly, Apple seemingly wasn’t ready for a line and so didn’t setup its regular line dividers as it does for iPhone releases. Another user expressed that an Apple Store in Sydney had about 50 AirPods at the time of the launch with additional pairs in the back and almost 6 demo pairs. 

The demand for the AirPods is high so we have seen people rushing into the stores. Early users in both Australia and New Zealand are admiring the pairing procedure amid AirPods and their iPhone. There are others who state that the quality of the sound is much better than they were expecting.