5 Tech Trends That Will Dominate 2017

It’s amazing how the technology has transformed everything all around us. Having the power to retrieve almost any information and communicate in tons of different ways with the help of a little device is indeed astounding.  The technological arena is continuously developing and we anxiously wait to see what technology trends we will see next.

With the dawn of 2017, there are some tech trends that are to crop up. Those of you who are eyeing a sector in which to start a business, any of these can be promising. And if you are an entrepreneur, thinking how you can leverage these technologies to get to your target audiences in unique ways can be your best bet. Here are top 5 tech trends that are likely to dominate 2017.

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1. All On-Demand

In 2016, people have increasingly become addicted to everything on demand. Thanks to brands such as Uber that we have got this new wave of on demand stuff- having all on demand via phone apps. Next year this trend is to go one step further. There are thousands of apps that help to us to get food, rides, and much more. Very soon we are to see this grow into even stranger zone.

2. AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are other technologies that we need to keep an eye on in the coming year. We’ve already seen some major steps forward for AR and VR this year 2016. There was the Oculus Rift that was released and received well following tons of VR apps and games. We also saw Pokémon Go, an AR game, having more than 100 million downloads. It means that the market is all prepared these technologies. We have got some early-stage devices and tech for these apps. But it’s going to be next year before we see it all really move on to the next level. So you will have to be ready for AR and VR versions of almost everything. 

3. IoT

IoT (internet of things) is the future and we have been heading for quite a while now. The revolution of the Internet-of-Things and resulting interconnectedness of smart home technology for years is to change our life but why has it not happened so far? Why aren’t we living in smart, connected homes by now? Too much competition is a major issue with not sufficient collaboration. There are scores of individual appliances and apps that you can find out there, but few solutions to tie all together into a single, joined user experience. Considering that the giant companies already have experience in uniform user experiences such as Apple, Google and Amazon, we’ll see some major advancements in IoT in 2017.

4. Machine Learning

Machine learning is something that will get mainstrain in 2017 as well. It has taken some huge strides forward in the recent times, even emerging to assist and boost Google’s core search engine algorithm. But we’ve just seen it in a limited number of apps. It appears that throughout 2017 we are to see machine learning updates emerge across the board. They are likely to enter almost any type of consumer applications, from offering better suggested products based on earlier purchase history to improving the user experience of an analytics application. 

5. Physical-Digital Integrations

Mobile devices have been adding technology trends into our regular routine on a daily basis. Everyone around us is having a mobile device in their hands almost all the time. These devices have basically given us access to practically endless information and communication. Site-to-store buying, allowing online customers to buy and pick up products in a physical retail site are something that we have already seen. The next level will be even further incorporations between physical and digital realities. Online brands such as Amazon will being offering additional physical products such as Dash Buttons. Physical brands such as Walmart will start having more digital features like product trails and store maps.

Ready for Surprises?

Making predictions about the tech industry a year ahead does not mean that we are not to see any surprises. They may come from various different directions, and announced developments hardly release as they’re planned. Still, considering what to expect in the technology trends in 2017 can help you prepare marketing strategies likewise.