There are many music lovers who love to have a music library with content from a number of sources. Those who do this often face the problem of duplicate songs. If you are one of those who have to wrestle with this problem, there isn’t much to worry as there are plenty of apps out there that can put an end to this issue.


There is an inbuilt feature in iTune that can help you find how many duplicate songs are there. It can be a good spot to begin with and determine if using third-party software is worth the time and money. It’s always best to have a recent backup of your Mac prior to making any alterations and removing data. So you can start by launching iTunes and you need to look at your Music. In case you have to change what you’re looking at, you can do it in the top left area of iTunes. You’ll see all the duplicates in your library. However, you need to ensure to compare song title to album and other track info. You’ll see you can view by All or Same Album in mid of the iTunes window.

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If you get to know that you just have some few duplicates you can choose multiple tracks (hold ⌘ command and click to choose all the duplicates, press delete or right click and choose Delete From Library. Lastly, you can confirm by clicking Delete Songs).

 The best thing about this solution is that it is fast and free while the downside is it’s not a robust tool and not very useful in case you have a number of duplicates. 

Third-Party Options

Duplicates Cleaner: This is a free download with no in-app purchases. It is simple to use and features drag and drop functionality to check folders for duplicates. Its algorithms make sure the original file is kept and lets you to review and delete files by hand if you’d rather not use the automatic feature. 

Tidy Up: Priced at $29.99, Tidy Up offers all of the features as the other software mentioned above. It is billed as “The Duplicate Finder for Experts” by the developer Hyperbolic Software. It also has additional features a simple mode and an advanced mode for fine grain control. Tidy Up makes the most robust option on the market. It is recommended to check out its free trial of Tidy Up prior to buying it so that you can make the right choice. 

Gemini 2: This is a great option for you if you’re willing to spend few bucks for added features and an improved UI. Gemini 2 is $19.99 on the Mac App Store but you can download a free trial directly from MacPaw as well. Some of its advantages include an algorithm that learns as you use it and in-app preview for seeing files including songs and videos. It can help you find precise exact duplicates and similar files, and has a great looking and simple interface.