There are a number of live streaming apps such as Meerkat and Periscope that are thriving now, giving you the power to live stream directly from your smartphones. Live on Facebook broadcast feature was limited to celebrities, but now it has been rolled out around the world. So you can benefit from it now.

Facebook tries to keep up with all the latest trends. It has bought some firms as well to do so. These include Instagram, Oculus and WhatsApp. But apps such as Periscope and Meerkat have proved that the next ‘big thing’ is live broadcasting from your smartphone. Facebook originally offered this functionality in a limited way, understanding its need and demand, the company has now rolled it out globally. 

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In this article I will help you find out how you can to go live on Facebook for Android and iOS. 

How to go live on Facebook (Android and iOS)

Setting up a live broadcast on Facebook for Android and iOS is very simple. 

1. Go to the Facebook news feed and tap ‘Status’ in order to write a new Facebook status.
2. You will see a new button on the bottom right of the status composition window. Tap on it to set up a live video broadcast. 
3. Choose your privacy options and write a short description of your live broadcast to attract your friends/fans to watch. 
4. Now tap ‘Go Live’ and your live broadcast will start.
5. Broadcast! Keep an eye on the comments section to interact with friends/fans. 
6. After it completes, tap ‘Finish’ in the bottom right-hand corner to end the stream.
7. Your video broadcast will be uploaded to your Facebook profile for others to watch. You’ll get a message saying how long the broadcast was in addition to an option that allows you to delete. In case you don’t want it on your live on Facebook profile, just opt for ‘delete’.