If your Google Chrome web browser on Windows desktop PC shows an unusual large interface, showing it all in zoom in view, doesn’t worry you are not the only way who has encountered this problem. Here I have got a simple solution for you that can help to fix Google Chrome’s Zoomed-in. Though it is not a permanent fix considering Chrome is fundamentally doing what it is supposed to do. 

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It was with the Chrome 54 update it was made this way so Chrome could detect the DPI setting on your PC which in turn will allow the web browser to be scaled consequently. Google Chrome once did not pay much attention to your Windows DPI setting but things have changed now. 

In case you have the DPI scaling set to 125% or higher on your Windows PC, the Chrome browser will scale another way considering its setting.

Here are few solutions that can help you find out to how to fix Google Chrome’s Zoomed-in user interface after the update:

Solution 1

You can simply set your system’s DPI scaling back to 100%. It is a simple way to end this problem. By doing it you will be able to make Chrome appear how it remembers that other stuff will be smaller. That’s why it might not be the best way to fix. 

1. Type “dpi” into your Windows search bar.

2. Open “Make text and other items appear larger and smaller” which would appear on top.

Solution 2 

1. Right-click on the Google Chrome shortcut or start menu icon and choose properties. 

2. Enter this code in the Target field at the end of the text: /high-dpi-support=1 /force-device-scale-factor=1

3. You need to ensure that there is a black space between the .exe” and the first forward slash. Click “Apply” and restart Chrome.

In case the scaling is not normal by now launch Chrome from the location mentioned above. It may not work for some users as they may open Chrome from a link pinned to the taskbar. Unpinning Chrome and dragging it back from the start menu will resolve the problem. However, it’s not a permanent fix as other links to Chrome may lead to the larger UI too.

Solution 3 

This is certainly the best solution to help you get rid of the large review and fix Google Chrome’s Zoomed-in user interface. 

1. Right-click the Chrome icon from the start menu.  

2. Select > Properties > Compatibility > 

3. Check “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”.

Now you can fix Google Chrome’s Zoomed-in and enjoy the normal view of your Chrome once again and surf without having to worry about a thing.