FFmpeg command list for video conversion

This is a list of FFmpeg commands to convert videos to other formats to overcome the following issue. There are many video formats available and there are many devices which play those video formats, but sometimes device accepts only specific video format and we need to convert our video to meet that need. FFmpeg is command line tool which help to do the just that. Few of the many FFmpeg commands are listed below. If you can improve any command please do tell us in comments, we will update it with your credits.

FFmpeg commands for 3GP

FFmpeg 3GP to AVI
ffmpeg -y -i in.3gp out.avi
FFmpeg 3GP to FLV
ffmpeg -y -i in.3gp -f flv -ar 44100 out.flv
FFmpeg 3GP to WEBM
ffmpeg -y -i in.3gp out.webm
FFmpeg 3GP to MP4
ffmpeg -y -i in.3gp out.mp4
FFmpeg 3GP to MPG
ffmpeg -y -i in.3gp -f dvd out.mpg
FFmpeg 3GP to MOV
ffmpeg -y -i in.3gp out.mov
FFmpeg 3GP to MTS
ffmpeg -y -i in.3gp -vcodec libx264 -r 30000/1001 -b:v 21M -acodec ac3 out.mts
FFmpeg 3GP to MKV
ffmpeg -y -i in.3gp out.mkv
FFmpeg 3GP to M4V
ffmpeg -y -i in.3gp out.m4v
FFmpeg 3GP to MPEG
ffmpeg -y -i in.3gp -f dvd out.mpeg
FFmpeg 3GP to WMV
ffmpeg -y -i in.3gp -vcodec wmv2 out.wmv
FFmpeg 3GP to VOB
ffmpeg -y -i in.3gp out.vob

FFmpeg commands for AVI

FFmpeg AVI to 3GP
ffmpeg -y -i in.avi -vcodec h263 -ar 8000 -b:a 12.20k -ac 1 -s 176x144 out.3gp
FFmpeg AVI to FLV
ffmpeg -y -i in.avi -f flv -ar 44100 out.flv
FFmpeg AVI to WEBM
ffmpeg -y -i in.avi out.webm
FFmpeg AVI to MP4
ffmpeg -y -i in.avi out.mp4
FFmpeg AVI to MPG
ffmpeg -y -i in.avi -f dvd out.mpg
FFmpeg AVI to MOV
ffmpeg -y -i in.avi out.mov
FFmpeg AVI to MTS
ffmpeg -y -i in.avi -vcodec libx264 -r 30000/1001 -b:v 21M -acodec ac3 out.mts
FFmpeg AVI to MKV
ffmpeg -y -i in.avi out.mkv
FFmpeg AVI to M4V
ffmpeg -y -i in.avi out.m4v
FFmpeg AVI to MPEG
ffmpeg -y -i in.avi -f dvd out.mpeg
FFmpeg AVI to WMV
ffmpeg -y -i in.avi -vcodec wmv2 out.wmv
FFmpeg AVI to VOB
ffmpeg -y -i in.avi out.vob

FFmpeg commands for FLV

FFmpeg FLV to 3GP
ffmpeg -y -i in.flv -vcodec h263 -ar 8000 -b:a 12.20k -ac 1 -s 176x144 out.3gp
FFmpeg FLV to AVI
ffmpeg -y -i in.flv out.avi
FFmpeg FLV to WEBM
ffmpeg -y -i in.flv out.webm
FFmpeg FLV to MP4
ffmpeg -y -i in.flv out.mp4
FFmpeg FLV to MPG
ffmpeg -y -i in.flv -f dvd out.mpg
FFmpeg FLV to MOV
ffmpeg -y -i in.flv out.mov
FFmpeg FLV to MTS
ffmpeg -y -i in.flv -vcodec libx264 -r 30000/1001 -b:v 21M -acodec ac3 out.mts
FFmpeg FLV to MKV
ffmpeg -y -i in.flv out.mkv
FFmpeg FLV to M4V
ffmpeg -y -i in.flv out.m4v
FFmpeg FLV to MPEG
ffmpeg -y -i in.flv -f dvd out.mpeg
FFmpeg FLV to WMV
ffmpeg -y -i in.flv -vcodec wmv2 out.wmv
FFmpeg FLV to VOB
ffmpeg -y -i in.flv out.vob

FFmpeg commands for WEBM

FFmpeg WEBM to 3GP
ffmpeg -y -i in.webm -vcodec h263 -ar 8000 -b:a 12.20k -ac 1 -s 176x144 out.3gp
FFmpeg WEBM to AVI
ffmpeg -y -i in.webm out.avi
FFmpeg WEBM to FLV
ffmpeg -y -i in.webm -f flv -ar 44100 out.flv
FFmpeg WEBM to MP4
ffmpeg -y -i in.webm out.mp4
FFmpeg WEBM to MPG
ffmpeg -y -i in.webm -f dvd out.mpg
FFmpeg WEBM to MOV
ffmpeg -y -i in.webm out.mov
FFmpeg WEBM to MTS
ffmpeg -y -i in.webm -vcodec libx264 -r 30000/1001 -b:v 21M -acodec ac3 out.mts
FFmpeg WEBM to MKV
ffmpeg -y -i in.webm out.mkv
FFmpeg WEBM to M4V
ffmpeg -y -i in.webm out.m4v
ffmpeg -y -i in.webm -f dvd out.mpeg
FFmpeg WEBM to WMV
ffmpeg -y -i in.webm -vcodec wmv2 out.wmv
FFmpeg WEBM to VOB
ffmpeg -y -i in.webm out.vob

FFmpeg commands for MP4

FFmpeg MP4 to 3GP
ffmpeg -y -i in.mp4 -vcodec h263 -ar 8000 -b:a 12.20k -ac 1 -s 176x144 out.3gp
FFmpeg MP4 to AVI
ffmpeg -y -i in.mp4 out.avi
FFmpeg MP4 to FLV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mp4 -f flv -ar 44100 out.flv
FFmpeg MP4 to WEBM
ffmpeg -y -i in.mp4 out.webm
FFmpeg MP4 to MPG
ffmpeg -y -i in.mp4 -f dvd out.mpg
FFmpeg MP4 to MOV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mp4 out.mov
FFmpeg MP4 to MTS
ffmpeg -y -i in.mp4 -vcodec libx264 -r 30000/1001 -b:v 21M -acodec ac3 out.mts
FFmpeg MP4 to MKV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mp4 out.mkv
FFmpeg MP4 to M4V
ffmpeg -y -i in.mp4 out.m4v
FFmpeg MP4 to MPEG
ffmpeg -y -i in.mp4 -f dvd out.mpeg
FFmpeg MP4 to WMV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mp4 -vcodec wmv2 out.wmv
FFmpeg MP4 to VOB
ffmpeg -y -i in.mp4 out.vob

FFmpeg commands for MPG

FFmpeg MPG to 3GP
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpg -vcodec h263 -ar 8000 -b:a 12.20k -ac 1 -s 176x144 out.3gp
FFmpeg MPG to AVI
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpg out.avi
FFmpeg MPG to FLV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpg -f flv -ar 44100 out.flv
FFmpeg MPG to WEBM
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpg out.webm
FFmpeg MPG to MP4
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpg out.mp4
FFmpeg MPG to MOV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpg out.mov
FFmpeg MPG to MTS
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpg -vcodec libx264 -r 30000/1001 -b:v 21M -acodec ac3 out.mts
FFmpeg MPG to MKV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpg out.mkv
FFmpeg MPG to M4V
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpg out.m4v
FFmpeg MPG to MPEG
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpg -f dvd out.mpeg
FFmpeg MPG to WMV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpg -vcodec wmv2 out.wmv
FFmpeg MPG to VOB
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpg out.vob

FFmpeg commands for MOV

FFmpeg MOV to 3GP
ffmpeg -y -i in.mov -vcodec h263 -ar 8000 -b:a 12.20k -ac 1 -s 176x144 out.3gp
FFmpeg MOV to AVI
ffmpeg -y -i in.mov out.avi
FFmpeg MOV to FLV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mov -f flv -ar 44100 out.flv
FFmpeg MOV to WEBM
ffmpeg -y -i in.mov out.webm
FFmpeg MOV to MP4
ffmpeg -y -i in.mov out.mp4
FFmpeg MOV to MPG
ffmpeg -y -i in.mov -f dvd out.mpg
FFmpeg MOV to MTS
ffmpeg -y -i in.mov -vcodec libx264 -r 30000/1001 -b:v 21M -acodec ac3 out.mts
FFmpeg MOV to MKV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mov out.mkv
FFmpeg MOV to M4V
ffmpeg -y -i in.mov out.m4v
FFmpeg MOV to MPEG
ffmpeg -y -i in.mov -f dvd out.mpeg
FFmpeg MOV to WMV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mov -vcodec wmv2 out.wmv
FFmpeg MOV to VOB
ffmpeg -y -i in.mov out.vob

FFmpeg commands for MTS

FFmpeg MTS to 3GP
ffmpeg -y -i in.mts -vcodec h263 -ar 8000 -b:a 12.20k -ac 1 -s 176x144 out.3gp
FFmpeg MTS to AVI
ffmpeg -y -i in.mts out.avi
FFmpeg MTS to FLV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mts -f flv -ar 44100 out.flv
FFmpeg MTS to WEBM
ffmpeg -y -i in.mts out.webm
FFmpeg MTS to MP4
ffmpeg -y -i in.mts out.mp4
FFmpeg MTS to MPG
ffmpeg -y -i in.mts -f dvd out.mpg
FFmpeg MTS to MOV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mts out.mov
FFmpeg MTS to MKV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mts out.mkv
FFmpeg MTS to M4V
ffmpeg -y -i in.mts out.m4v
FFmpeg MTS to MPEG
ffmpeg -y -i in.mts -f dvd out.mpeg
FFmpeg MTS to WMV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mts -vcodec wmv2 out.wmv
FFmpeg MTS to VOB
ffmpeg -y -i in.mts out.vob

FFmpeg commands for MKV

FFmpeg MKV to 3GP
ffmpeg -y -i in.mkv -vcodec h263 -ar 8000 -b:a 12.20k -ac 1 -s 176x144 out.3gp
FFmpeg MKV to AVI
ffmpeg -y -i in.mkv out.avi
FFmpeg MKV to FLV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mkv -f flv -ar 44100 out.flv
FFmpeg MKV to WEBM
ffmpeg -y -i in.mkv out.webm
FFmpeg MKV to MP4
ffmpeg -y -i in.mkv out.mp4
FFmpeg MKV to MPG
ffmpeg -y -i in.mkv -f dvd out.mpg
FFmpeg MKV to MOV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mkv out.mov
FFmpeg MKV to MTS
ffmpeg -y -i in.mkv -vcodec libx264 -r 30000/1001 -b:v 21M -acodec ac3 out.mts
FFmpeg MKV to M4V
ffmpeg -y -i in.mkv out.m4v
FFmpeg MKV to MPEG
ffmpeg -y -i in.mkv -f dvd out.mpeg
FFmpeg MKV to WMV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mkv -vcodec wmv2 out.wmv
FFmpeg MKV to VOB
ffmpeg -y -i in.mkv out.vob

FFmpeg commands for M4V

FFmpeg M4V to 3GP
ffmpeg -y -i in.m4v -vcodec h263 -ar 8000 -b:a 12.20k -ac 1 -s 176x144 out.3gp
FFmpeg M4V to AVI
ffmpeg -y -i in.m4v out.avi
FFmpeg M4V to FLV
ffmpeg -y -i in.m4v -f flv -ar 44100 out.flv
FFmpeg M4V to WEBM
ffmpeg -y -i in.m4v out.webm
FFmpeg M4V to MP4
ffmpeg -y -i in.m4v out.mp4
FFmpeg M4V to MPG
ffmpeg -y -i in.m4v -f dvd out.mpg
FFmpeg M4V to MOV
ffmpeg -y -i in.m4v out.mov
FFmpeg M4V to MTS
ffmpeg -y -i in.m4v -vcodec libx264 -r 30000/1001 -b:v 21M -acodec ac3 out.mts
FFmpeg M4V to MKV
ffmpeg -y -i in.m4v out.mkv
FFmpeg M4V to MPEG
ffmpeg -y -i in.m4v -f dvd out.mpeg
FFmpeg M4V to WMV
ffmpeg -y -i in.m4v -vcodec wmv2 out.wmv
FFmpeg M4V to VOB
ffmpeg -y -i in.m4v out.vob

FFmpeg commands for MPEG

FFmpeg MPEG to 3GP
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpeg -vcodec h263 -ar 8000 -b:a 12.20k -ac 1 -s 176x144 out.3gp
FFmpeg MPEG to AVI
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpeg out.avi
FFmpeg MPEG to FLV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpeg -f flv -ar 44100 out.flv
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpeg out.webm
FFmpeg MPEG to MP4
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpeg out.mp4
FFmpeg MPEG to MPG
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpeg -f dvd out.mpg
FFmpeg MPEG to MOV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpeg out.mov
FFmpeg MPEG to MTS
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpeg -vcodec libx264 -r 30000/1001 -b:v 21M -acodec ac3 out.mts
FFmpeg MPEG to MKV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpeg out.mkv
FFmpeg MPEG to M4V
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpeg out.m4v
FFmpeg MPEG to WMV
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpeg -vcodec wmv2 out.wmv
FFmpeg MPEG to VOB
ffmpeg -y -i in.mpeg out.vob

FFmpeg commands for WMV

FFmpeg WMV to 3GP
ffmpeg -y -i in.wmv -vcodec h263 -ar 8000 -b:a 12.20k -ac 1 -s 176x144 out.3gp
FFmpeg WMV to AVI
ffmpeg -y -i in.wmv out.avi
FFmpeg WMV to FLV
ffmpeg -y -i in.wmv -f flv -ar 44100 out.flv
FFmpeg WMV to WEBM
ffmpeg -y -i in.wmv out.webm
FFmpeg WMV to MP4
ffmpeg -y -i in.wmv out.mp4
FFmpeg WMV to MPG
ffmpeg -y -i in.wmv -f dvd out.mpg
FFmpeg WMV to MOV
ffmpeg -y -i in.wmv out.mov
FFmpeg WMV to MTS
ffmpeg -y -i in.wmv -vcodec libx264 -r 30000/1001 -b:v 21M -acodec ac3 out.mts
FFmpeg WMV to MKV
ffmpeg -y -i in.wmv out.mkv
FFmpeg WMV to M4V
ffmpeg -y -i in.wmv out.m4v
FFmpeg WMV to MPEG
ffmpeg -y -i in.wmv -f dvd out.mpeg
FFmpeg WMV to VOB
ffmpeg -y -i in.wmv out.vob

FFmpeg commands for VOB

FFmpeg VOB to 3GP
ffmpeg -y -i in.vob -vcodec h263 -ar 8000 -b:a 12.20k -ac 1 -s 176x144 out.3gp
FFmpeg VOB to AVI
ffmpeg -y -i in.vob out.avi
FFmpeg VOB to FLV
ffmpeg -y -i in.vob -f flv -ar 44100 out.flv
FFmpeg VOB to WEBM
ffmpeg -y -i in.vob -af aformat=channel_layouts="7.1|5.1|stereo" out.webm
FFmpeg VOB to MP4
ffmpeg -y -i in.vob out.mp4
FFmpeg VOB to MPG
ffmpeg -y -i in.vob -f dvd out.mpg
FFmpeg VOB to MOV
ffmpeg -y -i in.vob out.mov
FFmpeg VOB to MTS
ffmpeg -y -i in.vob -vcodec libx264 -r 30000/1001 -b:v 21M -acodec ac3 out.mts
FFmpeg VOB to MKV
ffmpeg -y -i in.vob out.mkv
FFmpeg VOB to M4V
ffmpeg -y -i in.vob out.m4v
FFmpeg VOB to MPEG
ffmpeg -y -i in.vob -f dvd out.mpeg
FFmpeg VOB to WMV
ffmpeg -y -i in.vob -acodec copy -vcodec wmv2 out.wmv