5 Best Free Photo Recovery Tools

Saving your photos means saving your memories. If you lose your files that means you will have to let go of your memories as well. While there are plenty of software that can help you recover deleted files, they can be expensive. But there is nothing to worry as there are some free photo recovery tools as well that can help you recover deleted files and photos without having to spend anything at all.

I have picked 5 of the best free photo recovery tools that can help you get your photos that you deleted accidently. With the help of these software you can recover all types of files including your photos, documents, music and more. No matter if your PC faces some data loss as a result of virus infection, a hardware failure, or just your own mistake, these tools can help.

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1. MiniTool Partition Recovery Free

If you have a full partition, here is a recovery tool that can help. MiniTool makes a wonderful photo recovery tool that can help you recovery your lost pictures without having to worry about a thing. Losing an entire partition that may have your photos or other data can be terrible. Generally it can be traced to an unintentionally deleted partition or one where the partition header has corrupted. If that is the case, you can get the partition back fast and with ease without leaving Windows using this file recovery tool. All you need to do is to fire it up, choose the drive containing your lost partition, then select if you want to scan the full disk or just a part of it. Select between full and quick scans and then you can sit back while this photo recovery will take care of the rest. You must not worry if the program does not seem to respond. Just wait for a while and it'll list all detected partitions on the drive. Choose them all and then click 'Finish' to recover it. It is also possible to double-click a partition to see its file contents that can help you verify that it's the one you need to recover.

2. Recuva

This is one of the best photo recovery tools you can benefit from. It offers a simple wizard with advanced recovery scans, which can come in handy in an emergency when you need to recover your lost data. The program allows you to recover your photos as well as other files with least trouble. It opens by default to a file recovery wizard that you can skip if you want. Next, you need to select file type that you wish to recover: photos, music, documents, emails etc. it is also possible to target your search to a particular location or search all your drives. In addition, you can also go for a quick or deep scan. Remember that the latter options takes longer, but provides you with additional results. The next thing to do is to click 'Start' and wait for the scan till it finishes. Once done, your results are presented, with each recovered file given a rating depending on its condition. You can recover files direct from here or switch to Advanced Mode for a frankly better view, offering file preview, information and a peek at the file's header.

3. DMDE Free Edition

DMDE Free Edition is another program that you can trust when it comes to recover deleted files. This photo recovery tool helps to resurrect data from dead hard drives helping you to pick your photos that you lost by chance or human error. This tool makes a great choice as it can recover files from various drives including 2TB+ drives rescued from a fried external drive enclosure with proprietary formatting. The program may not make the easiest to use however it is highly effective. DMDE basically works by allowing you to choose a drive and identify all mountable partitions, with the most obvious choices highlighted. If successful, you're then shown a File Explorer-like view to browse the drive and recover what data you need from it. There are limitations on the way you can pull through data from the free version, but there's no boundary to how much you recover. You can upgrade to the Express or Standard edition in case you wish to have a faster or simpler recovery process.

4. PhotoRec

With support for tons of file formats, Photorec can help you recover deleted files from any storage media. Other than working a perfect picture recovery tool, PhotoRec can also great for recovering other files. It is useful for a plethora of file systems and media, from hard drives to CD/DVD, USB flash drives and memory cards. In addition, you get builds for Mac and Linux, which provide you with the flexibility to recover data from a different computer if required. Not only that, this photo recovery software is well familiar with more than 200 file formats that helps with reconstructing lost files, and is packaged with TestDisk that you can use to recover partitions. The user interface may appear to be intricate. It's basically a command line affair having no mouse support. It may appear to be complicated at first but the program steps you through the process through a series of menu screens, and as it mounts the target drive in read-only mode, there's no risk of data being lost if you go the wrong way. In that case you cannot write data to the drive you're recovering from.

5. Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition

This is another great photo recovery software that can help you if can't boot into Windows. Most recovery tools assume you're able to boot into Windows to use them. However, what happens in case Windows won't boot at all? At such occasions, Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition can help. It is best to install the program when your computer is running or else you will have to do it on a working Windows PC. After you install it you have to have a blank CD/DVD or flash drive – the setup wizard does the tough job. Next, insert the disc or flash media into your non-booting PC and then restart, selecting said media from the boot menu. You will see a menu showing a number of options from recovering lost partitions, fixing boot issues as well as a file-transfer wizard for getting data off a target drive. It can help in case other things not work.