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RadixSortRadixSort 1.6

RadixSort isa fast internal sort

  • Freeware

EJS TreeGrid Gantt chartEJS TreeGrid Gantt chart 5.9

Interactive DHTML Gantt chart by EJS TreeGrid

  • Shareware

Mp3 ID3v1v2 Tag Edit & Sort ToolMp3 ID3v1v2 Tag Edit & Sort Tool 1.0

ID3Tag tool edit sort copy & rename files

  • Freeware


Lets you drag and (un)group taskbar buttons

  • Shareware

DragNDrop E-mail List ManagerDragNDrop E-mail List Manager 1.0

Free e-mail list manager made simple.

  • Adware

Sort Text Lists Alphabetically SoftwareSort Text Lists Alphabetically Software 7.0

Sort content of files in alpha order.

  • Shareware

Remove Duplicate Contacts Outlook 2003Remove Duplicate Contacts Outlook 2003 1.6

Remove Duplicate Contacts Outlook 2003

  • Shareware

CSVReader/WriterCSVReader/Writer 7.5

readwritealiignsortpack... csv files.

  • Freeware

OESortOESort 1.0

Outlook Express Contacts pane names sort etc.

  • Shareware

Phone Card Organizer MatePhone Card Organizer Mate 2.1

An application that lets you store numbers

  • Shareware
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