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EZNamespaceExtensionsMFCEZNamespaceExtensionsMFC 2013

Develop namespace extensions fasteasily.

  • Commercial

Sysax Multi ServerSysax Multi Server 6.31

Secure FTP Server and SSH Secure Shell Server

  • Shareware

L-NixL-Nix 1.20a

Interactive UNIX tutorial

  • Demo

EF Commander OS/2-PMEF Commander OS/2-PM 2.37

Complete file manager for the OS2 desktop

  • Shareware

MacInfoTipMacInfoTip 1.13

Shows Mac Type Creator code Data fork size

  • Freeware

ShellObjects.NetShellObjects.Net 2012

ShellObjects windows shell widgets.

  • Commercial

SOCKShellSOCKShell 1.3

Enhances Windows Explorer context menu

  • Shareware

ShellBagsViewShellBagsView 1.16

Displays folder settings saved by Windows.

  • Freeware

DOSShellDOSShell 1.9

Frontend for the DOSBox emulator.

  • Freeware

TaskSwitchXP ProTaskSwitchXP Pro 2.0.11

An advanced Alt-Tab replacement for WinXP

  • Freeware
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