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Bible Study ProBible Study Pro 2.0

100s of Bibles 1000s of resources and maps

  • Freeware

TEA Crossword HelperTEA Crossword Helper 2.11

Crossword solver with over 6 million answers

  • Demo

Bible ProBible Pro 14.9

Study 43 Bibles with 1mil. refs

  • Freeware

Free Bible InterFaith ExplorerFree Bible InterFaith Explorer 2.1

A free Bible and InterFaith Explorer tool.

  • Freeware

WordWebWordWeb 8

Free English thesaurus and dictionary

  • Freeware

LinguatermLinguaterm 2.0

electronic thesaurus of linguistics

  • Shareware

CFB SpotWordCFB SpotWord 2.0

How many words can you make from 9 letters

  • Shareware

SofthesaurusSofthesaurus 2.0

English electronic thesaurus

  • Shareware

Free Bible Study - Add Any TextsFree Bible Study - Add Any Texts 14.8

Free Bible Study - Add Any Text

  • Freeware

Ace BibleAce Bible 14.8

Study the Bible with modern tools

  • Shareware
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