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Coded X-WordCoded X-Word 1.0

Decrypt numbers and complete cross word

  • Shareware

AzSDK PDF Decrypt ActiveX DLLAzSDK PDF Decrypt ActiveX DLL 4.00

Decrypt pdf password in your programs.

  • Shareware

SensiGuardSensiGuard 3.4

Keep your sensitive files and folders safe

  • Shareware

PDF reDirectPDF reDirect 2.1

A fast free and easy-to-use PDF Creator.

  • Freeware

CodeWallet Pro for Windows MobileCodeWallet Pro for Windows Mobile 6.62

Keep Your Information To Yourself.

  • Shareware

Ap PDF StampAp PDF Stamp 3.2

pdf stamp ( pdf watermark )

  • Shareware

Cryptex - 60 GB VaultCryptex - 60 GB Vault 2

Unbreakable laptop security.

  • Demo

DMT SQL DecryptorDMT SQL Decryptor 3.20

Decrypt and view code with various features.

  • Shareware


ViewEditManage .dbf files wgraphing

  • Shareware

CryptoHeavenCryptoHeaven 3.8.1

Secure email chat collaboration.

  • Freeware
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