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  1. Copy unminified javascript in input box and click Minify button.
  2. Or select unminified javascript file.
  3. Minified js code will be displayed in dotted white box.
  4. Now click green Copy button to copy text in clipboard.
About Tool

Minify JS is the best online tool that helps you minify lengthy JS files smartly

Managing your JS files is never easy as they are always too lengthy. That is why if you need to make them more manageable you need to look for a good tool that would help you minify JS files. Thanks to Standalone Installer that can help you minify your lengthy JS files. There are many tools out there but Standalone Installer Minify JS is the best option out there. There are great features of this simple tool that makes it the best option for those who need to manage their JS files. JS files basically run client side JavaScript code on a webpage. With the help of this tool you can simplify your files and thus save time.

Minify JS by Standalone Installer is a user-friendly tool

One of the most amazing features of this Minify JS tool is that it that it has no complexities. You do not have to go through any tutorials to make the best of this tool. Simply visit the website and go this Minify JS online tool. You have to copy unminified javascript in input box. The next thing to do is to click Minify button. It is also possible opt for unminified javascript file and see minified JS code will be there in dotted white box. Now hit click green Copy button and your text will be copied in the clipboard. That is all. There can be no simpler tool than this great online buddy from Standalone Installer. So check out it and never worry about your JS files!

Minify JS is free

Not all the best things in the world are free. Especially there aren’t many online tools that you can enjoy without spending big bucks. Interestingly, the range of tools offered by Standalone Installer are all free and make the best things on earth for those looking for quick solutions. Minify JS is also the same great free tool that helps you manage your work like a pro without investing anything. It means you don’t have to think about any money before you opt for it. So head to this tool and start using it right now!

Minify JS is highly reliable

Minify JS from Standalone Installer is well-known for its reliability. That is why users from around the world are highly satisfied with this tool. Once you use it you will not have to look for another tool to minify your JS files. It has no bugs no complexities. Just visit the tool and start using it without thinking anymore!