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How it works?
  1. Copy unminified javascript in input box and click Minify button.
  2. Or select unminified javascript file.
  3. Minified css code will be displayed in dotted white box.
  4. Now click green Copy button to copy text in clipboard.
About Tool

Minify CSS is the best online tool to help you minify with least effort

If you are looking for the most reliable and useful online tools that can help you manage your professional tasks, Standalone Installer has got tons of varieties for you. This platform is known for its range of software apps that are available for free. Among its list of great online is Minify CSS app. This free simple app helps you minify your CSS files with great ease. The tool is highly efficient and also does not require any payments at all. It simplifies your work and helps you achieve your tasks the way you want. Thanks to Standalone Installer for much a powerful tool that allows you to manage your CSS files with least effort. Try this wonderful Minify CSS and never need to look for another online tools again!

Minify CSS is all free

Unlike other popular online tools that help you minify your CSS files Minify CSS from Standalone is all free. It means while changing the format of your desired file you will be able to make great saving as well. Why spend money when a free tool can help you enjoy added benefits much more conveniently than paid tools?

How Minify CSS works?

Any app that is user-friendly is much superior to apps that do not have this feature. Minify CSS is very easy to use that is why it has become the top choice for users around the world. You just need to make few simple clicks to make the most of this app. Firstly, you have to copy unminified javascript in input box and click Minify button. You may also choose unminified javascript file if you want. Then you will see Minified CSS code in dotted white box. Once you see that all you need to do is to click green Copy button to copy text in clipboard. That is it! Now you will be able to so what you please with your Minified CSS file.

Minify CSS is an ideal tool with tons of benefits

Minify CSS from Standalone makes the best option for anyone who need to minify CSS files. It offers ease of use and the fastest possible way to convert files into the format of your desire. You will not have to go through any complicated processes or follow confusing steps. Simply make couple of clicks and there you go! So make use of this powerful tool from Standalone Installer and fall in love with it now!