Worst Android errors and their solutions

Android devices nowadays are not only simple devices but mini computers, which have made our lives easy. But they are still machines and so it is common for them to encounter problems now and then. The worst thing you want on your android device is an error which result in loss of data. There are various android errors that your device may have to suffer from once in a while. But some are simple while others are more detrimental.

Here is the lists of errors which may nearly ruin your phone’s capability to work and their solutions that can help you rescue your device.

  1. The Wakelock: This is a worst battery draining error in which the phone remains active even if you are not using your phone or the screen is off, usually caused by faulty app or faulty kernel. To understand Wakelock, it is important to know the normal android system. If you’re not using the android device for a long period of time the device goes to Deep Sleep. At this stage minimum battery is used and you can receive only SMS and calls. The Wakelock disturbs the Deep Sleep system due to which the device constantly runs and the battery is consumed fast. This is due to the app that doesn’t let your phone sleep.

    Solution: If u wants to fix the wakelock, uninstalling the recent app you installed or updated before the issue started will do the work, removing the apps one by one can help. Next, give a test run for Deep Sleep cycle. And if you are confident that the problem exists in the kernel not the app then try to reinstall the kernel.

  2. The System Brick: If you want to know who’s the main cause of all the errors then all that the System Brick. If this error occurs your android device will not turn on, will not restart and even not get charged. It gets useless meaning it’s all over. It can be caused due to errors in the ROM, Kernel or due to hardware fault.

    Solution: The bad news is that once this error enters your system it’s all over. It’s time that you start searching for a new android device as your System brick device is nothing but a dummy left for toddlers to play.

  3. The Boot Loop: ROMs ability to fully boot into working stage is the error called the Boot Loop. It starts with animated boot animations and nice splash screens, but when the boot animation does not stop and keeps on repeating itself it’s confirms that your android device is suffering from device breaking boot loop. The boot loop appears when something goes wrong after installing the new ROM or faulty root application or a new installation that ruined your system, messing with the system files is always a bad idea.

    Solution: Boot loop takes place due to faulty installation or root, it can be fixed by reinstalling the part that you just installed and if the problem still persists then there is no option to reinstall the ROM or wiping the system off.

  4. The System Crash: The system crash of a regular PC is the same as the system crash of an android phone. When your device stops working all of a sudden, your phone is very unresponsive and does not work as you want and hangs a lot.

    Solution: Firstly, try to clear the cache of the affected app. The message pops up telling which app is giving problem so simply go the system settings>application manager and look for the app. Clear its cache and in case you don’t know which app is giving the problem you can clear the cache of all apps. If the cache clearing does not work try to reinstall the app. If this does not help either, try to uninstall the app and if the crash persists then reinstall ROM.

  5. The Sleep of Death: Also known as SOD it’s the opposite of Warelock in which the phone goes to Deep Sleep, but after a while in Deep Sleep it never wakes up. The worst thing about this error is pressing buttons or the power key manually even doesn’t work and the device remains useless and asleep. The only way to get out of SOD is to hold the power key so that the phone restarts, or by dispatching the battery and then inserting it even if the SOD happens again you need serious help.

    Solution: To fix the SOD you have to uninstall the app which you recently installed before the problem occurred. If this does not work then there might be a kernel problem. So try to reinstall it or change it. If changing the kernel doesn’t help the last resort is to reinstall the ROM which may lead to loss of data so it’s better to back up your data beforehand.