SEO Trends 2017

Are you ready for the future of SEO?

If you are still holding onto the process of building backlinks in order to improve your SEO, you must know that this technique is outdated and has changed. Gone are the times when you could trust just the automated emails and random pitches to contribute stuff on other websites. Though it may still work, the latest SEO trends in 2017 help we take a step ahead. In this article I am going to reveal the secret of backlink strategy that is all new in SEO technology trends in 2017.

Establish connections within the local community

You don’t have to hide behind a computer screen anymore. It is time to make connections within the local community. It means you need to start meeting with business owners in person to forge actual relationships. You should meet face to face and offer valuable business. Attending networking events and congealing relationships can greatly aid it all. In case you have a bakery, a great way to make your name known is to prepare famous cake for all of the businesses nearby. All you have to do is to request every business to write about the cake on their blog and also post a picture on Instagram or similar websites.

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It may sound very simple but this is a powerful SEO trends which is not only a healthy break from the boring old SEO methods but one that really works. This will not only help grow your business by introducing your firm to others who are into decision making but it also proves to be a cross promotion strategy that will perk up your SEO efforts.


Backlinks are the foundation to Google’s core algorithm. You will have a fair idea about it if you are familiar with these SEO trends. Page Rank basically works by calculating the number and quality of links to a page in order to define a general estimate of how vital the site is. In the early days of SEO, webmasters abused the system by building low quality or non-authoritative links leading back to their website. While it proved helpful for a while, Google is smarter than we think. Yes, you guessed it right. Google caught on and penalized websites. So as a result webmasters went either one of 2 ways. They stopped building links completely or they developed a “Digital PR” strategy, making use of this method.

• Contributing content on external sites.
• PR pitches through services such as like HARO (Help a Reporter Out).
• Using current relationships, like manufactures, in order to cross promote.

In case you go on building links via digital PR, glory to you. There is nothing more annoying than hearing that backlinks is an “outdated thing.” The truth is that backlinks DO matter. A million Google search results were analyzed some time back to answer the question as to which factors connect with first-page search engine rankings and SEO trends? According to the top two findings backlinks remain an enormously significant Google ranking factor. The number of domains linking to a page linked with rankings more than any other element. The other, a website’s overall link authority greatly associates with higher rankings.

Be different

Without doubt, backlinks are still relevant but you just have to be creative in building relationships. For this reason, I strongly recommend focusing on making relations in local community on a regular basis. It will help you cross promote with other businesses and you can get new potential customers/ or customers by means of introducing them to your product/services. In addition, it will help forge backlinks on other local websites, which is enormous from an SEO perspective. In order to establish trust in your local market, other local businesses need to link back to your website. So it is time to get out of your office and collaborate with others around you. Are you ready to explore this new SEO trends? Way to go!