5 YouTube Channels that can help you Learn Robotic Engineering and Programming

There are a lot of best YouTube channels that are no doubt one of the most popular sources of self-learning online. Sometime back YouTube was rather perceived as a medium of entertainment only but now things have evolved. Today, YouTube is playing a great role as an online learning platform. There are tons of educational challenges that can prove to be of great help.

Robot Programming

For those of you who are interested in learning robotic engineering YouTube offers sufficient resources that can help. Here are 5 of the best YouTube channels that can help you help you start learning robots programming with the help of Python.

1. Robotics with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a small computer that can be hooked up to different components. It can be programmed to carry out various great things. With the help of best YouTube channel you can learn how to build and program your own robot with Raspberry Pi using comprehensive instructions.

2. Raspberry Pi Robotics Series

Raspberry Pi Robotics Series is another great YouTube channel that can help you explore robotics. It delves deeper into programming with Python particularly for robotics. The channel is dedicated to those with no previous knowledge of programming. You can get to learn the basic theories and logic behind programming and find out how you can use it to create a robot. In addition, this YouTube resource discusses how programming can be associated to real electronic components.

3. Electronics Engineering Video Blog

After learning sufficient robotic programming, you may want to become familiar with the physical side of robotics that is, how to deal with electronics and engineering of a working robot. This has been designed for beginners as well as professionals who seek to learn robotic engineering. Those of you who are only interested in learning about electronics engineering, this best YouTube channel can prove to be very useful. You will get to know about different kinds of electronics and what they are used for in addition to testing, debunking myths and more.

4. Botyard

If you are savvy at the fundamentals of electronics and just want to jump into building a robot, Botyard’s 5-part video series can be just right for you. It is an advanced series of demonstrations that help you find out how a simple R2-D2 like robot is built. The great thing about this YouTube channel is that it demonstrates how to create a robot from a recycled flashlight, servos, multiple LED, Arduino Uno, , and other easy-to-find items.

5. Introduction to Robotics by Stanford

This YouTube channel can be categorized as more a more traditional and theoretical approach to learning robotics. Coming right from Stanford, Introduction to Robotics by Stanford is a series of lectures on Robotics by Stanford university professor. It is specifically very helpful for those who are interested in learning about advanced robots. You will learn about advanced concepts such as trajectory generation, dynamics, inverse and forward kinematics, force and position control, and more.

I hope this write up will prove to be very useful for the students as well as professional who are looking for some best YouTube channel and handy resources in the field of robotics.