10 Must Have Tools for Coders

Free development tools as well as third party tools have emerged as an increasingly popular solution for building web apps in an affordable and efficient way. These tools are packed with tons of useful features that are highly effective in the process of developing of an app. Coders and developers keep an eye on all such resources that can help them carry out their work in the best possible manner. Here are handful of great tools you can take advantage of. With the help of these tools, you can write your ideas into code, debug, embellish, store your snippet and also simplify your development tasks.

1. The Prettifier

This tool is designed to help provide code formatting and syntax highlighting for common programming languages and file formats such as PHP, JSON, HTML, XML, SQL and JavaScript, where editing normally occurs outside of an IDE. A number of stand-alone text editors do not provide highlighting or automatic text formatting which can lead to irregularities in coding style and problems in debugging.

2. Handy.js

A web application template for nodejs, Handy is a great tool for coders that offers all the basic functionality of a web app, allowing you to focus on the features that make your app unique in the true sense. It comes with a variety of features like role based access, simple content management, inbuilt seo tools and more. With the help of all these features you can easily create a great blog.

3. JS Nice

An even obfuscated JavaScript code readable, JS Nice is one of the must have tools for coders. It is a new type of statistical de-obfuscation and de-minification engine for JavaScript. Given a JavaScript program, this tool suggests new likely identifier names and types automatically. Making use of advanced machine learning and program analysis techniques, it learns name and typeregularities from large amounts of available open source projects. JSNice, given new JavaScript code, probabilistically gathers recently suggested names and types for all local variables and function factors. So if you are into coding, make sure you do not miss out on it.

4. Raindrop

This tool is meant to help you make bookmarks more vivid and functional. It also allows you to save important pages, photos, articles and video in one click. You can also organize collection contents and share with your friends by making use of Raindrop. It saves not only bookmarks but associated content considering page type as well. For example, if it’s an article, it will be cut and saved with the bookmark and same goes for presentations, videos etc. It means that you can organize thematic collections with different content.

5. Shortcut Mapper

It is a keyboard shortcuts visualizer for popular applications that makes use of ajax calls in order to load keyboards and application data. You need to first look for an online resource that lists all the application shortcuts for each platform. SHMAPLIB, “Shortcut Mapper Lib”, is a Python library that allows you to export data in the suitable format to the appropriate location.

6. Light Table

A new interactive IDE, Light Tables enables you to modify running programs and embed anything from websites to games. The tool offers the real time feedback we require to not only answer questions about our code, but also to understand how our programs actually function. Its idea is that we have a real work surface to code on, not only an editor and a project explorer. We need the power to move things around, keep clutter down, and bring information to the forefront where it is most important.

7. HTML Inspector

A code quality tool, make sure you also have HTML Inspector in your list of the best coding tools. HTML Inspector comes with a set of built-in rules. However, in case you require more, you can write your own without having to worry about a thing. It basically helps you and your team write better markup. Written in JavaScript, the program runs in the browser. It means that testing can become extremely convenient. This tool for coders basically traverses the DOM and releases events as it goes. Its rules can then listen for those events, test for some conditions, and report mistakes in case something that is not anticipated is established.

8. Two Project Gantt

This is a JavaScript component which is built on jQuery for creating task trees, Gantts, dependencies which exports the resulting data in JSON format. The tool for coders offers zooming, in-place editing, CSS skinning, and many other features.

9. Debug

A small library for logging debug messages, Debug is another useful tool for coders and developers. Debug works in both Node and the Browser and enables you to filter logging output without changing your source. In addition, it outputs time differences as well which lets you tell how much time has elapsed between log messages with ease.

10. GistBox

Offering you a beautiful way to organize code snippets, GistBox is another essential tool for coders. Your library is saved to the cloud for backup. With the help of this tool, you will not have to worry about snippets getting lost in the shuffle. Built on standard HTML5 technologies, with the help of GistBox will prove to be hand when you are in the office or while on the go.

So make sure you check out these tools before you start with your next project. They give coders and developers more power to create great projects, helping them save both time and other resources.