8 results for windows 95

bigbrotherbigbrother 1.5.1

The simplest tool for monitoring IP-network

  • Freeware

kinsolekinsole 1.1.1

free opensource console telnet client

  • Freeware

DiskInternals Linux RecoveryDiskInternals Linux Recovery 2.7

Linux Ext2Ext3 data recovery for Windows

  • Freeware

klogklog 1.2

free open source win32 syslog daemon

  • Freeware

T42T42 1.5.1

open source text chat with answering machine

  • Freeware

Legacy ExtenderLegacy Extender

Use VS20052008 for Windows 9xMeNT projects

  • Freeware

TreeNotesTreeNotes 1.02

Personal Information Manager

  • Shareware

DiskInternals Linux ReaderDiskInternals Linux Reader 1.1

Get access to Linux files from Windows

  • Freeware
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