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HF ExeScriptHF ExeScript 3.0

Compile and convert batch files in 30 seconds

  • Shareware

DF_LanguageDF_Language 1.0.264

Multiple languages to your Visual Basic proje

  • Freeware

Liquid XML Data BinderLiquid XML Data Binder 8.0.1

XML Data Binding for C++C#JavaVB6VB.Net

  • Shareware

EULA MagicEULA Magic 2007

VB6 distributed application licensing.

  • Shareware

DF_ProtectionKitDF_ProtectionKit 6

Protect your software against piracy

  • Shareware

.NET Licenser - licensing software.NET Licenser - licensing software 7.1.6

.NET Licenser

  • Shareware

DF_ResizeDF_Resize 1.0.21

AutoSize your Visual Basic application

  • Shareware

DF_DBWrapperDF_DBWrapper 7.3

All you need for connecting to database

  • Freeware

Currency ServerCurrency Server

Currency information and conversion component

  • Commercial

Help Generator for Visual Studio 2003Help Generator for Visual Studio 2003 4.0

Help Generator and help editor.

  • Shareware
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