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Technoriver Free Barcode SDKTechnoriver Free Barcode SDK 1.2

Free barcode control for .Net applications

  • Freeware

PrecisionID Barcode ActiveX ControlPrecisionID Barcode ActiveX Control 1.9

Barcode ActiveX Control and DLL.

  • Demo

PrecisionID Data Matrix ActiveX ControlPrecisionID Data Matrix ActiveX Control 1.3

PrecisionID DataMatrix ActiveX Control.

  • Demo

SmartCodeDeveloperSmartCodeDeveloper 4.82

Add barcodes to .NET and WPF applications.

  • Commercial

PrecisionID PDF417 ActiveX ControlPrecisionID PDF417 ActiveX Control 1.3

PDF417 ActiveX Control and DLL.

  • Demo

SmartCodeWebControlSmartCodeWebControl 2.9

Add quality barcodes to ASP.Net applications

  • Commercial

2D Barcode ActiveX Control2D Barcode ActiveX Control 19.11

Create 2D barcodes with ActiveX Controls.

  • Demo
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