Tamera A Shaw-McGuire

Tams11 AcroFrenzyTams11 AcroFrenzy

Hilarious Online Word Game!

  • Freeware

Tams11 BarbuTams11 Barbu

Online trick taking card game.

  • Freeware

Tams11 HooligansTams11 Hooligans

A dice game similar to Yahtzee

  • Shareware

Tams11 CribbageTams11 Cribbage

Tams11 version of the popular game Cribbage.

  • Freeware

Tams11 TileRummyTams11 TileRummy

Use tiles to make groups and runs.

  • Freeware

Tams11 Shake It!Tams11 Shake It!

Word game version of Yachtzee.

  • Freeware

Tams11 Farkle SoloTams11 Farkle Solo

Solo version of the popular game Farkle.

  • Shareware

Tams11 JumblelayaTams11 Jumblelaya

Play this boggling word finding game.

  • Freeware

Tams11 TratzeeTams11 Tratzee

Free online dice game.

  • Freeware

Tams11 EuchreTams11 Euchre

Online version of the Popular game Euchre.

  • Freeware
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