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Cup StackingCup Stacking 1.9.1

Type the letters quickly to stack or remove t

  • Freeware

Lineup FourLineup Four 1.6.2

Indulge in the endless fun of the strategic b

  • Freeware

Peg SolitairePeg Solitaire 1.5.1

Solve the compelling puzzle dating back to th

  • Freeware

Missionaries and CannibalsMissionaries and Cannibals 1.5.2

Prevent the preachers from the horrible disas

  • Freeware

Musical NotesMusical Notes 1.6.2

Play in tune and showcase your musical talent

  • Freeware

Ghost Man AdvancedGhost Man Advanced 2.5.2

Escape from the ghosts in this popular arcade

  • Freeware

Double SnakeDouble Snake 2.14.2

Can you control both snakes at the same time

  • Freeware

Bubble BugBubble Bug 1.4.2

Catch the bugs by creating beautiful bubbles.

  • Freeware

The Typing of the GhostsThe Typing of the Ghosts 2.17.1

Type speedily to destroy the ghosts before th

  • Freeware

Alien IntrudersAlien Intruders 1.9.1

Save your planet by eliminating the aliens!

  • Freeware
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