Microncode Audio RecorderMicroncode Audio Recorder 1.0

Free Audio Recorder for Windows Desktop.

  • Freeware

Microncode Audio ToolsMicroncode Audio Tools 1.0

Free audio tools software for Windows.

  • Freeware

Microncode Audio CD RipperMicroncode Audio CD Ripper 1.0

Free Audio CD Ripper for Windows Desktop.

  • Freeware


Burn DVDs and CDs using C# VB .NET IMAPI2.

  • Shareware

Audio CD Burner ConsoleAudio CD Burner Console 1.0

Burn Audio CDs from the command line.

  • Shareware

CSAudioVisualizationCSAudioVisualization 1.0

Display audio visualization using C# VB .NET.

  • Shareware

Microncode Audio ConverterMicroncode Audio Converter 1.0

Free Audio Converter for Windows Desktop.

  • Freeware

ID3 Tags ConsoleID3 Tags Console 1.0

Set the ID3 tags using the command line.

  • Shareware

CSAudioCDPlayerCSAudioCDPlayer 1.0

Play an Audio CD using C# VB .NET.

  • Shareware

CSFreeDBCSFreeDB 1.0

Use the FreeDB service from C# VB .NET.

  • Shareware
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