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Air Messenger MobileAir Messenger Mobile 7.0.0

Fully featured alphanumeric paging software

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Air Messenger LiteAir Messenger Lite 8.0.0

Alphanumeric Paging Software TAPIXO and ETAP

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Air Messenger ASCIIAir Messenger ASCII 9.1.0

Use text files to send messages to pagers.

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Air Messenger SNPPAir Messenger SNPP 8.0.0

SNPP Alphanumeric Paging Software

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Air Messenger LAN ServerAir Messenger LAN Server 12.1.0

Network Alphanumeric Paging ServerGateway

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  • File Size: 74.6 MB

Air Messenger ProAir Messenger Pro 12.1.0

Fully Featured Alphanumeric Paging Software

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