Hermetic Systems

Keywords Meta Tag Generator AdvancedKeywords Meta Tag Generator Advanced 9.82

Generates keywords tags for HTML documents

  • Shareware

Cryptosystem ME6Cryptosystem ME6 12.12

Encrypts multiple files in multiple folders.

  • Shareware

Lunar Calendars and Eclipse FinderLunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder 14.42

Software to find eclipses and lunar phases

  • Shareware

Five Cellular AutomataFive Cellular Automata 9.00

Software for exploring five cellular automata

  • Shareware

Chinese CalendricsChinese Calendrics 14.52

For converting Chinese Calendar dates

  • Shareware

Easy Date ConverterEasy Date Converter 11.32

A date conversion and date arithmetic program

  • Shareware

Prime Number SpiralPrime Number Spiral 9.00

For exploring the Prime Number Spiral.

  • Shareware

Data DestroyerData Destroyer 15.12

For secure file deletion

  • Shareware

FactorizerFactorizer 11.32

A factorization and prime number program

  • Shareware

Planetary Aspects and TransitsPlanetary Aspects and Transits 19.82

Displays planetary aspects and transits.

  • Shareware
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