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Elcomsoft eXplorer for WhatsAppElcomsoft eXplorer for WhatsApp 1.31

Acquire WhatsApp communication history

  • Shareware

Advanced WordPerfect Office Password RecoveryAdvanced WordPerfect Office Password Recovery 1.36

Instant WordPerfect Office password recovery

  • Shareware

Advanced Archive Password RecoveryAdvanced Archive Password Recovery 4.54

Recover archive passwords and unlock archives

  • Shareware

Elcomsoft Phone ViewerElcomsoft Phone Viewer 3.10.15966

View iOS BlackBerry and Windows Phone data

  • Shareware

Advanced Intuit Password RecoveryAdvanced Intuit Password Recovery 2.03

Instant password recovery for Intuit products

  • Shareware

Proactive System Password RecoveryProactive System Password Recovery 6.52

Recover most types of Windows passwords

  • Shareware

Advanced Registry TracerAdvanced Registry Tracer 2.01

Analyze changes made to the Windows Registry

  • Shareware

Advanced Mailbox Password RecoveryAdvanced Mailbox Password Recovery 1.10

Recover passwords to email accounts

  • Shareware

Advanced EFS Data RecoveryAdvanced EFS Data Recovery 4.50

Decrypt files and folders encrypted with EFS

  • Shareware

Advanced Lotus Password RecoveryAdvanced Lotus Password Recovery 2.11

Instant password recovery for Lotus documents

  • Shareware
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