Alberto Martinez Perez

MediaMenuMediaMenu 1.40

Menu for present the media stored in a CD

  • Freeware

Cookie MonsterCookie Monster 3.47

Cookie manager for most usual browsers

  • Freeware


Utility for scheduling Windows shut downs

  • Freeware

AMP Font ViewerAMP Font Viewer 3.86

Font manager: view organize print... fonts

  • Freeware

AMP Tile ViewerAMP Tile Viewer 2.01

Image viewer that shows images as a mosaic.

  • Freeware

PagePingPagePing 1.0.1

HTTP & HTTPS connection tester

  • Freeware

AMP CalendarAMP Calendar 2.42

Calendar of any full year taskbar icon

  • Freeware

Windows Media Player LauncherWindows Media Player Launcher 1.21

Windows Media Player Launcher is a small

  • Freeware

AMP Desktop CapturerAMP Desktop Capturer 1.00

Cmd. line utilty that captures desktop as JPG

  • Freeware

Windows Elapsed Running TimeWindows Elapsed Running Time 1.6.0

Shows the Windows elapsed running time.

  • Freeware
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  • Alberto Martinez Perez
  • amp
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  • Total Downloads : 138
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