Text/Document Editors

Atom for MacAtom for Mac 1.7.4

Download standalone version of Atom for Mac

  • Freeware

PDFSplitterPDFSplitter 1.5

Splits a PDF file into separate PDF files.

  • Demo

ImpressImpress 2.0.1

Creates and applies text stamps to PDF pages.

  • Demo

PDF to Text converterPDF to Text converter 3.50

Convert PDF to Text TXT File Conversion

  • Shareware

MediaSizerMediaSizer 1.5

Converts the media size of your PDF document.

  • Demo

PDF Plug-in SuitePDF Plug-in Suite 1.0

Combines 18 of Mapsoft plug-in products.

  • Demo

InfoSetterInfoSetter 1.5

Sets the information in your PDF document(s).

  • Demo

Emacs for MacEmacs for Mac 24.5

Download standalone version of Emacs for Mac

  • Freeware

OpenOptionsOpenOptions 1.5.2

Manages Acrobat open options for PDF file.

  • Demo

NoteMagic LiteNoteMagic Lite

Free integrated text management for Windows

  • Freeware
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