Launchers & Task Managers

SliderDockSliderDock 1.22

dock that let the icons come to your mouse

  • Freeware

Sub-LauncherSub-Launcher 1.0

Launch any application on top of the...

  • Freeware

QuickClick LauncherQuickClick Launcher 1.0

Launch your Applications and files...

  • Shareware

Better LauncherBetter Launcher 1.0

Instant access to applications and documents

  • Shareware

winMizerwinMizer 1.0

Unclutter your taskbar hide unwanted windows

  • Freeware


3D Virtual Desktop

  • Commercial


Launch over 16 applications with only 4...

  • Freeware

WebRunProWebRunPro 2.0.1

Open an exe file through an html link.

  • Shareware

HDShortcutterHDShortcutter 3.2

Drag your common-used file to shortcutter

  • Freeware

CurrProcessCurrProcess 1.13

List all processes running on your system.

  • Freeware