Puzzle & Word Games

ButterFlightButterFlight 2.2

Welcome to the World of Magic and Enchantment

  • Shareware

Coded X-WordCoded X-Word 1.0

Decrypt numbers and complete cross word

  • Shareware

Animated Puzzles #2Animated Puzzles #2 1.0

A puzzle game for all ages.

  • Shareware

Arcade ScrambleArcade Scramble 1.0

Rearrange the letters to find words.

  • Shareware

American Hangman Presidents and StatesAmerican Hangman Presidents and States 2.0.8

A fun educational word-guessing game.

  • Shareware

Just SudokuJust Sudoku 1.0

Lots of Sudoku puzzles to play on your PC.

  • Freeware

Rolls PackRolls Pack 3.03.02

Roll over colored pieces in 5 cool puzzles!

  • Demo

Babala for LinuxBabala for Linux 0.5.0

Fend off evil muggers requires keen strategy

  • Freeware

Concentration - the Memory GamesConcentration - the Memory Games 5.01

A memory game with innovations.

  • Shareware

Crossword FillInsCrossword FillIns 2.0

Solve classic crossword fill in puzzles.

  • Shareware
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