Screen Savers: People

Wit and WisdomWit and Wisdom 2.02

Famous quotations screen saver

  • Shareware

Beautiful Russians 3D PackageBeautiful Russians 3D Package

Package for Russian Girls 3D Screensaver

  • Freeware

Kitchen Table Talk ScreensaverKitchen Table Talk Screensaver 1.0

Kitchen Table Talk Screensaver for Windows.

  • Freeware

Senior Citizens ScreensaverSenior Citizens Screensaver 1.0

Senior Citizens Screensaver for your desktop.

  • Freeware

Elder Care ScreensaverElder Care Screensaver 1.0

Elder Care Screensaver for your desktop.

  • Freeware

Art Projects ScreensaverArt Projects Screensaver 1.0

Art Projects Screensaver for your desktop.

  • Freeware

Babysitting and Nanny ScreensaverBabysitting and Nanny Screensaver 1.0

Babysitting and Nanny Screensaver.

  • Freeware

Crafts and Hobbies ScreensaverCrafts and Hobbies Screensaver 1.0

Crafts and Hobbies Screensaver for your.

  • Freeware

Schooling and Education ScreensaverSchooling and Education Screensaver 1.0

Schooling and Education Screensaver for you.

  • Freeware

Pre-Kindergarden ScreensaverPre-Kindergarden Screensaver 1.0

Pre-Kindergarden Screensaver.

  • Freeware