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Winamp media player is the most popular media player:

Winamp media player is a classic looking yet the modern and most popular media player built for Android, Windows and OS X. The player lets you play any type of media file on it. It comes packed with useful plugins and thousands of skins. Winamp features playlists, a complete media library and amazing music visualization which are supported by a huge online community. It have Winamp Pro version which is currently unavailable for purchase it’s acquisition and lightweight version that is called Winamp Lite.

Winamp audio player is considered as the top player when it comes talking about the best audio players. That is the reason you will see majority of people using it on their systems. The winamp application keeps on updating with passage of time. Currently, it has undergone a lot of advanced updates but still majority people prefer using its winamp old version they consider it best winamp version ever because it has fewer burdens on your CPU.

Easier yet quicker install Winamp for PC:

The winamp software occupies less space when installed on your system. Plus this application is quite faster than other media players available in the industry. You can easily configure the file associations and all the components direct from your winamp installer.

Winamp classic graphic user interface:

The graphic user interface of this application is quite simple, giving the users a classic feel. But the application is faster enough to attract majority of users. Moreover, the application is light enough to use by featuring not too many modern and heavier skins. This is the reason people prefer the old version of winamp as it doesn’t stress up your system. However, you can opt for installing winamp modern skin in this version but only classic ones are available for this old version.

Winamp Plugins / Addons:

While using Winamp music player, you have complete control over the application’s interface which further helps you in adding the advanced features with the following plug-ins.

  1. Winamp shoutcast plugin (Winamp Radio)
  2. Winamp DSP plugin
  3. Winamp visualization plugin
  4. Winamp AVS (Advanced Visualization Studio)
  5. Winamp enhancer plugin

Winamp DSP plugin is the one of best winamp plugins. Winamp remote control app for android is also available on Google Play Store to control your application using your cellphone with WiFi.

Fully Featured and highly customizable applicatio:

Winamp video player supports all the popular video formats (ASF, NSV, AVI, MPEG), audio formats (OGG, WAV, IT, S3M, XM, MOD, MP3, AAC, MIDI), playback of streamed content which include both recorded and live. It is a highly customizable application offering you with winamp media library that allows you to organize your media files as per your own wish. Winamp equalizer controls bass and treble on a stereo or radio frequencies.

Furthermore, the application also provides you to download freely available content and also listen to online radio stations which include AOL and Shoutcast.

To Conclude

Though Winamp is an old media player application but still it manages to give its users with a trendy yet exciting multimedia experience. It is highly recommended to download winamp media player . Free download winamp latest version and enjoy playing an impressive range of media files of different formats while using advanced features and customization tools. The Winamp application stands at the top of the best media players in the market.

Visit Winamp official site for latest news and updates about winamp development.

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Software Information
  • 0 / from 0 votes
  • Downloads : 1.5k
  • Views : 28k
  • File Size : 16.4 MB
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