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Web Cartoon Maker

If you have ever think about making online animated cartoons, Web Cartoon Maker is a perfect tool for you. This app was introduced in 2010 with basic tools for making animated cartoons online. But, this app is now the only desktop application for this purpose with advanced features. You may have seen other animation tools, pretended to be WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). But, this app is not like these ordinary animation tools. Web Cartoon Maker works as a compiler. You only have to write scripts in C++ and this app will compile those scripts to generate animated cartoons. These compiled scripts are then played by Web Cartoon Maker player. You get this player and links to Web Cartoon Maker in the setup program. Let us have a look at some of the features which make this app different from other tools.

App is free

Web Cartoon Maker is a free application. It does not need you to spend a single penny to install and use of the app. This app makes sure that during the installation, no adware or spyware will be installed in your PC.

Easy to use

When it comes to using C++ to make cartoons, many of us may think about issues we will face while using a programming language. But, this is not the case. This app helps you and guide you at every stage of writing scripts in C++. You do not have to be a programmer to create these cartoons. These scripts are so easy that you can learn using the tutorials and examples given in the app.

Use of images and other tools

You can use images, text and character in your scripts. For this purpose, Web Cartoon Maker has an online library with a wide range. You can also download this library in your PC to get better performance from the library. These images, text and characters can be moved, rotated, scaled or flipped with one line of code.

Convert your creation to different formats

Web Cartoon Maker plays the compiled cartoons in AVI format. You can convert this format to DVD, Blue-ray or upload to YouTube in HD.

Customize your characters

An integrated text to speech engine enables your characters to speak your audio files or any text. Characters can walk, talk, wink even they can move, rotate and scale their parts.

Web Cartoon Maker is a free web tool for development of animated cartoons online. Web Cartoon Maker Player is required to play the compiled cartoons and convert them to AVI and other formats. The setup program will install the Player and links to Web Cartoon Maker online. The tool is true freeware. No adwarespyware will be installed on your computer.Web Cartoon Maker is different from many other animation tools available. It does not pretend to be a WYSIWYG application. You need to write simple C++ scripts and compile them using online compiler integrated with great C++ animation library. You do not necessary need serious programming skills to create simple cartoons. You can use characters images text objects sounds and even 2D camera. You can move resize rotate objects and do many other operations. The characters can speak your audio files or any text using integrated text to speech engine. They can wink and walk. You can move rotate and scale their parts.


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Software Information
  • 0 / from 0 votes
  • Downloads : 408
  • Views : 4.1k
  • File Size : URL
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