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The next generation of 2-D virtual chat. Try the software absolutely free visit all the Manor virtual chat communities make your own props make new friends even build your own Manor!Wear any picture as an avatar -- in full 32-bit color!You can wear any picture as an avatar -- cartoons animals a teddy bear -- virtually anything your imagination can dream up! All in the crystal clarity that comes from full 32-bit color.Bring your avatars to life with full-frame animation!The Manor chat software supports full-frame animation with up to 15 frames in a single animated avatar.Use our online directory to find the right Manor for you!From family-oriented visual chat to mature conversations you can find the right Manor community for you in our online Manor directory.Hold private whispered conversations with multiple people simultaneously!With The Manor chat software you can carry on private (whispered) conversations with one or many people in the same roomUse Manors RSAC-based tools to keep kids away from inappropriate content.To protect children from inappropriate content in distinct Manor communities The Manor chat software uses ICRAs RSAC standard perhaps the most widely used of the existing Internet rating standards.Create spectacular effects for your own Manor instantly with Smart Spot technology.If you choose to build your own Manor community you can create spectacular effects for your chat environment using our revolutionary Smart Spot technology -- no scripting required.Explore new effects through scripting with Python.For the more advanced users scripting is available using Python. An extremely powerful open-source programming language.With Security Features and Integration TechnologiesThe Manor software incorporates PHP and HTTP linking capabilities that allow integration with other information sources. The software also has many security features including a 128-bit encrypted data stream.

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The Manor


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2015-02-05 07:52:25

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