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Your system files, programs and folders not just need protection but they also needs to be backed upped when they are lost. Free Syncback is the most powerful backup software that allows you to keep the copies of your programs, files and folders in the back end of your PC. This way you can backup and use synchronizing facility in case of any data loss. It also provides you the options to include or exclude any files or folders you want.

It checks the slightest bit of changes to the files and folders through its date and size comparison based system. Free Syncback users can enable runtime optionally. It has three main variables that gives options to users to choose what they need, like totalscantime, totaltime1 and totaltime2. So do download Syncback software to get an easy access to your lost files. It is very easy and flexible to use even for beginners.

It gives you online access to emails, FTP and recovers your live documents too. Also, it doesn’t require special expertise, it have very clear and simple interface that even a beginner can understand, and use it according to his needs. So do download Syncback and feel safe about your data files and folders.

Free Syncback protects your data:

• Recovers all your lost files, programs and folders easily by simple steps

• It copies the files when open and recover your live documents in compressed form

• It also keeps its own previous versions to restore when desired or if latest is out of work

• It also gives online access to Emails and FTP

• It is not time consuming and it works as fast as it can be without long process of data recovery

• It can work with more than one computer, like two or three computers simultaneously

• It keeps your private data confidential

• It keeps your files and programs in compressed form to reduce the space

• It’s very easy and reliable for users

• Even beginners feel it easy to use

Free syncback supports:

Windows XP, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8.

How to download syncback?

• Download synback system file

• Run the software installation

• Follow the easy given steps

• And it’s all done

• Now use and restore your lost data quickly





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Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

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Software Information
  • 0 / from 0 votes
  • Downloads : 11
  • Views : 1.2k
  • File Size : 13.6 MB
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