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Donating to charity with SuperDonate is simple and safe. After installing the application you simply choose the charity you want to earn money for. You can now minimize SuperDonate to a tiny icon and it will continue working in the background. Since SuperDonate only activates when your computer is idle you will notice no difference in the performance of your computer.Every day millions of computers are powered on but idle wasting energy while performing no useful work. When your screensaver is running only a tiny percentage of your computers processing power is actually being used. SuperDonate lets you donate this idle computing power to help solve complex research projects and in return earn money for charity.You can customize many of SuperDonates settings to work even better with your computer. Personal and global statistics are also available from within the program.SuperDonate is 100% safe and contains no annoying ads popups or spyware.

  • Download SuperDonate - Mac
    Download SuperDonate - Mac

SuperDonate - Mac


SuperDonate Inc.

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1.6 MB


Intel Mac, Java SE6


Mac OS X,Mac OS X 10.5



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2015-02-07 08:01:36

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